Soundcloud Downloader v1.27    download-button_70x200

         Date added: November, 5th 2013 – (Freeware)


  • Latest version:Soundcloud Downloader 1.27
  • Requirements:Microsoft Windows, Adobe Flash and .net
  • File size: 557 kb
  • License: Freeware

SoundCloud downloader is a free download management tool written in .net. It is optimized to download music tracks from Soundcloud and save them onto your PC. SoundCloud Downloader can download all of the Trax. Even the one you normaly have to pay for. SoundCloud Downloader is avaliable for Microsoft Windows only. Adobe Flash and .net are requiered for SoundCloud Downloader.


Soundcloud downloader works fine with common browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Flock, Google Chrome and Safari. If you are using any ohter browser we would like to hear about your experiance on it. We are always happy to get feedback from our customers.The installation of Soundcloud downloader is very easy. Just click on the download link on this website. Save it to your PC and run the setup file. Once you have installed Soundcloud downloader, you will find it very easy to use.


The handling is easy. First of all you have to start Soundcloud downloader. Once you have started Soundcloud downloader, you can download a track from soundcloud by opening it on the soundcloud website. Then click into the adress bar and copy the url (Strg+c). By click on the Add-button and (Strg+v) Soundcloud downloader will add the link to its download list and start the download.


For the next version of SoundCloud Downloader we plan to improve some of the old funktions and add some new once. Like these: Press the play button to start the downloading. Soundcloud downloader gives you the possibility to start, stopp and pause every download in the list seperately. You can also set speed lititation and priority for every singel download. In the Settings you can change the folder where your downloads should be saved to. For further information about the settings you can use the integrated help system. Its pretty much self explaining. Because Soundcloud downloader is optimized for downloading tracks from soundcloud, we also plan to have integrated a converter to give you the possibility to convert your downloaded files into the formats MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WAV and FLV. We thought that a lot of people using soundcloud would like to have an easys way to convert the files into the format they prefere.